Using data sets at the hackathon

Part of working on a software solution involves using data sets to build and test the software and see how it performs. Mostly, people use data sets and APIs that are readily available to them if they are likely to use such things. In other words, they know what they want and where it is. If you’re a software developer we anticipate that you will already have your favourite data sets and APIs on the computer you’re bringing or on a server that is available to you online.

FHIR by HL7 has a few options that are of value – specifically to search on a predefined valueset based on a text filter, e.g. the following query returns diagnoses starting with ‘diab’. There will be someone from HL7 to help you.

Here are examples of other data sets that you may find useful. (numbers against datasets represent sample data)

Same here – around 900 patients.

Alternatively you can use an openEHR based platform.

If you’re not a software developer, don’t panic if you don’t know what all this is about! The developer in your team will know.

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